Online iPhone Video Poker

The most played casino machine game is now available on your iPhone! Video poker offers the best odds at most casinos and the same is true for online casino gaming. It is the perfect blend of a great poker challenge with modern sound effects and enhanced quality graphics and animations. The developers have custom designed iPhone video poker software to suit your iPhone gaming needs.

Video Poker Play

In video poker you play against a pre-set “table” instead of pitting yourself against other players or the dealer. The rules are simple and easy to follow; once you have a firm grip of the basics, you can play iPhone video poker any time! To set you off, here are the essentials: Video poker is based on five-card draw poker, traditionally played on a table; it has been computerized and now made mobile for greater enjoyment. Having a pair of jacks ‘or better’ according to traditional poker rules is an automatic win! Since you don’t need to compare your cards to anyone else’s simply having a good hand enables a win. Of course the better the hand is the bigger the win will be. Contrarily though, if you hold anything weaker than a pair of jacks (even if it is a pair) you automatically lose.

iPhone Video Poker has a Pay-out Hierarchy

Every version of iPhone video poker will offer you the option to view the pay table. On this, the expected return for any given hand will be displayed. The pay-out hierarchy is displayed on this table according to the value and odds of traditional poker hands. Simply put, a flush would pay out more than a simple pair. The odds offered in video poker are also much better than the odds offered in slot games.

Use strategy to Win Big

Using your skill and strategy in iPhone video poker you could achieve better results and win more! This element of video poker is one of the more attractive features and is often the hook for new and seasoned playersiPhone video poker works like five-card draw in that you can decide which cards to hold on to and which cards to discard. This impacts the final hand and literally puts your chances to win in your hands whereas other machine based games (like slot games) are completely unaffected by player intervention other than the size of bet placed.

iPhone Video Poker Variations & Options

Playing video poker doesn’t mean that you have to be limited to simple five-card draw. The options offered include Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker, Loose Deuces, Pick’em, 7 Stud, Aces and Eights, All-American Poker and Sevens Wild amongst many others. All of these great and dynamic versions are offered to you on iPhone video poker.

Quality Play on iPhone

Software is specifically geared for optimum results on your iPhone which means that the quality and capability of video poker will achieve the highest performance standards and guarantee player satisfaction. Try it for yourself, today! Play always Responsibly!