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A winning game by winning developers!

8-Ball Slots is a 3 reel single pay line game designed by the all time gaming software mogul Playtech.  They take pride in their reputation as the world’s largest online gaming and sports betting software developers and this reputation is clearly earned.  This game’s theme is based on the ever popular billiards game where coloured and numbered balls need to be sunk in the pockets of a felt lined table with several corner and side pockets.

The black ball is known as the 8 ball as it is numbered accordingly.  The player wins every time a combination of three of the same balls appears on the 8-Ball Slots reels according to the payout table.  Balls one to seven are solid balls, which mean the entire ball is one colour with a number printed on it, balls nine to fifteen are striped balls, meaning it has a coloured stripe over the surface of the ball with the number printed on it.

Graphics as perfect as the high shine on a new ball

The graphics of this game has been designed to impress with a very smooth reel spinning effect, bold colours used in the detail of each and every symbol of this game and attention to even the tiniest details, for example the glossy shine of new billiard balls.

The symbols of 8-Ball Slots all resemble the different balls found in a billiards game, which are always number and colour coded according to importance in play.  The backdrop of the game resembles the green felt surface of a billiards table with the edge of the table depicted in the blue border with studs holding down the material of the table.  The cleverly thought out depiction gives a feeling of looking at a real billiards table without depicting the entire table.

Outrageously easy game play – just like rolling a ball!

This game has been designed to enable players to sit down and immediately start playing by ensuring 8-Ball Slots is easy to understand and play.  Players has to line up three balls of the same colour or group of colours (either solid or striped balls) to win.  The most desired set of balls are three black number 8’s, after which the game was named.

The other balls depicted on the symbols are balls 15, which is a striped ball in a dark pink colour.  This symbol is the second highest paying symbol in this game.  Thereafter in order of importance, ball 14 which is striped green ball, ball 13 a striped orange, ball 12 striped purple, ball 11 striped red, ball 10 striped blue and ball 9 a striped yellow ball.  A combination of any three of these striped balls will make up a winning line.  The same rule applies to the solid balls in 8-Ball Slots, which consists of the balls 1 through to 7 in solid colours of brown, red, blue, green and orange colours.

The payout table is reflected on the top of the screen the entire time of gaming and can be consulted in referencing winning lines, with the three reels at the bottom.

If you’re a fan of billiards then this exciting slots game is the ideal choice for you, and all you need to do is sink the black to win big!