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A winning combination playing with chemical substances!

Alchemist’s Lab is an exciting and fun game brought to you by the all-time software mogul Playtech!  This three reel one pay line game has all the benefits of an easy game with the added advantage of the most thrilling and rewarding bonus game yet found on a casino style reel game!  These software developers combine fresh and exciting themes with their skill at delivering top end games of high quality and the end result is a resoundingly successful game which thrills players of all levels of experience.

The graphics has been turned into precious metals!

Alchemist’s Lab brings out the scientist in players.  Each and every one of us has a bit of curiosity in our DNA and this adds to the winning recipe of this game by not only stimulating players’ curiosity, but also producing visually and auditory stimulation.  The backdrop of this game consists of elements found in your typical laboratory, test tubes, cooking flasks, Bunsen burners and chemical smoke rising up from mixed chemicals.  The different coloured chemicals contained in different tubes and flasks make the player curious about their composition and wonder at the precious metals which can be created by mixing it up!  The Alchemist’s Lab game has a very realistic feel and will not only entertain the player, but also rewards the player with precious metals!

Instructions from the alchemist’s cookbook!

Game play is as easy as following a recipe.  All you have to do is line up winning combinations on the reels.   The symbols of this game is a gold coin, a chemical flask containing a red chemical substance, another containing a green chemical substance, a test tube containing a blue chemical substance and a golden ring.  Three gold coins will pay out a jackpot of up to 10 000 coins!

The object of the game is to line up three of the same symbols but one or two gold coins also pays out winnings. Alchemist’s Lab is based on a traditional casino style reel game with an added bonus game to enhance playing pleasure and give higher winning possibilities.

The theme adds a touch of excitement which will have players aiming for the bonus game in order for them to mix up their own precious metals with the chemicals available in the lab and with the aid of the alchemist’s cookbook, which is also the scatter symbol in this game.

Entering the lab for the bonus game

Lining up three alchemist’s cookbooks will take the player to the bonus game.  The bonus game consists out of an alchemist table stacked with several flasks containing different coloured chemical substances.  On this screen of Alchemist’s Lab, there is a chemical burner to the side as well as several chemical books.  The object of this bonus game is to add three different chemical substances to the chemical composition already brewing to make different precious metals.  Should you select the correct combination of chemical substances to add, you will manufacture gold!  You will win a random bonus according to the metal you produce.  So, sit back and manufacture your own gold while enjoying this exciting game!