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Bermuda Triangle

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Sail into the storm with Playtech’s Bermuda Triangle slots!

Welcome to the edge of the world, here be monsters… Another online slot from Playtech games, and unsurprisingly it is great. Playtech games are amongst the leaders of this industry for a reason, and Bermuda Triangle online slots game is another shining example. So step off the edge of the map for a while and voyage to the eeriest place in aquatic history to win some big prizes. A game that caters for every player, straightforward slots with outrageous wins.

An amazing Theme

This slot, like all Playtech games slots, is a good set of high payout reels encased in a well-structured and entertaining theme. The theme undertaken in this slot fully embodies the mysteries of the ocean depths, focusing on the ethereal Bermuda Triangle which the slot bears as its title. Everyone has heard the mystery, the tales from that mathematical shape out in the North Atlantic where planes and ships disappear without a trace. Scary, fascinating and also an online slot, only now a calm has settled over the Triangle of Doom and players can score the treasures off its past fallen victims.

Awesome slots, wide betting ranges!

A straightforward slot with 3 reels and 5 paylines with an amazingly diverse betting range that can have all players spinning to their specifications. Bets range from a minimum as small as $0.01 to a maximum of $20.00. With 5 paylines that makes a total bet that can reach up to $100.00 and also gives players a chance to spin on all paylines for only $0.05. The gameplay is easy to understand which allows players to just focus on the reels. Focusing on the reels we find that the symbols adorned there are iconic to the theme, and makes players feel they’re spinning from within the depths of the Bermuda Triangle itself. The symbols are; a plane, a shark, a dolphin and an octopus. With one extra symbol, the boat, which is the highest winning symbol in the game. Payout for the Boat symbol is based on which payline all 3 are hit on, so keep an eye on where they land because Jackpot is 1000 coins, equivalent to a maximum of $20,000!

Gameplay and play game…

Gameplay for Bermuda Triangle may be easy to understand but perhaps a few guidelines won’t go amiss. To start spinning players must first choose the line bet, this is how much will be bet on each payline, and clicking the + or – buttons under the reels set this value. Then players have a choice over the number of paylines to play, hitting ‘Bet Max’ enables all 5 while ‘Bet One’ enables them one by one. Another feature to the game that again slots in with the theme is the sound effects. Bells from distant ships can be heard during spins on Bermuda Triangle slots and when each reel comes to a stop, a sonar pinging is played. Just another bonus that Playtech games has designed to allow players to enjoy their time that little bit more while they spin and win. So get out there and explore the depths, for while there be monsters here, there certainly be more treasure!