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Chinese Kitchen

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Chopsticks at the ready

Get prepared for the heat of the kitchen in another Playtech games online slot marvel. Chinese Kitchen embodies Asian cuisine in a fun cartoon style that makes spinning the reels a fun experience coupled with a bountiful one. A unique, profitable experience is what drives the Playtech game industry, giving players the chance to win on the slots in exciting new ways. With straightforward gameplay, and unrequited winning possibilities another Playtech slot is what all true players anxiously wait for and this game is much of the same gold that makes this system tick.

So let us warm up our palates in anticipation, because this taste bud tour will be packed with loads of interesting dishes that can win lots of prizes. With a peppy tune accompanying the scene of an authentic looking Chinese Kitchen, this slot of the same name sets an impressive theme to the spinning experience. With cartoonish sound effects to the reels and wonderfully designed symbols of the different Chinese meals adorned upon them it becomes hard not to be enveloped in the bubbling culture.

Nine reels, many more wins!

This is a 3 reel and 8 payline slot with a difference. The 3 reels all have three icon panels that spin separately, initially making this a 9 reel slot which makes winning combinations difficult to NOT to hit! Another Playtech games trait that Chinese Kitchen masters is the magnitude of the betting ranges and coin denominations, which appeal to every sort of player. Coin sizes vary from as little as $0.01 to a maximum $5.00 and players can place up to 3 coins on each payline making the highest total bet for this slot $120.00. As most every Playtech slot, multiple currencies can be chosen for preference.

Reel spinning combinations!

Time for Jackpots, and the many other profitable winning combinations. To form these combos it helps to know the symbols a little better and with Chinese Kitchen that is only too delightful to do. With the seafood smiling from their plates and the vibrant colours used to inscribe them to the reels it feels like a funny full course meal each spin. Amongst the food on offer, players will find; a Starfish, Octopus, Caterpillar, Fish, Duck, Frog, Snail, Crab, and Turtle. The last two delicacies are particularly important. The Crab is the only symbol that rewards for less than a three of a kind, so pays out for any number hit on a payline, which means the more active paylines the more lines the symbol can affect, increasing payouts. The Turtle is the Jackpot for Chinese Kitchen and pays out 1000 coins!

This slot is easy to play, with gameplay that is straightforward, focusing primarily on the slots themselves. Added features that make spinning a little more comfortable have also been included in this dynamic game, like Autoplay and sound and speed settings. A Paytable is another option, in case players require a reminder of what certain combinations payout, and can be accessed through a button labelled so on the play screen. So without further ado, go out and spin the oriental delicacies of China and win in Chinese Kitchen online slots!