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Football Rules!

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Kick past the goalkeeper and score in Football Rules!

Football Rules!  In this sporty and exciting casino video slots game, the football theme makes for a spectacular game.  This 5 reel 25 pay line casino style reel slot game is powered by Playtech software.  This software mogul is rated as the world’s leader in casino and betting game development.  This game has the dollar ball progressive jackpot option, which is exclusive to this developer’s games and can win you a massive jackpot!  This game has a wild, scatter and bonus game symbol to enhance the gaming experience.

Graphics spectators will cheer about!

The backdrops of the main game and bonus game of Football Rules reflect a lush green playing field, stadiums packed with football enthusiasts, advertising boards next to the field of sponsors and some good football action!  The symbols reflect football fanatics with their team’s flag, the colours of their teams painted on their faces, different football team shirts, footballs, referees and a goalkeeper determined to prevent any goals being scored in his goal.

Score to win!

Playing this game is very easy!  Decide how many betting lines you would like to activate, or select maximum bet to activate all 25 pay line and spin the reels!  The symbols reflected in the reels consist out of characters typically found at a football game.  Football Rules sports some interesting symbols.  The wild symbol is a football enthusiast with his team colours painted on his face cheering his team.  The wild symbol replaces any other symbol on the reels to complete a winning combination.  The stadium symbol is the scatter symbol and acts as a multiplier, multiplying the winning amount of a winning combination by the amount of times it appears.

There is a bonus symbol in this game which activates a bonus game.   The trophy is the bonus symbol.  Should three or more of these symbols appear on the reels, the screen changes to the Football Rules bonus game screen where you get to select one of three balls which you believe with avoid the goalkeeper and land in the goal when kicked. The other symbols of this game include a referee, a goalkeeper, a soccer ball and football jerseys of various teams.  Various combinations will afford the player a win.

Score even more with the dollar ball progressive jackpot!

As previously mentioned, this additional gaming option is only available from this software developer.  It is rather unique.  Activate the dollar ball progressive jackpot game by selecting the dollar ball in the top corner of your main Football Rules screen.  The jackpot is progressive, therefore has no top amount and may make for an instant millionaire should you win this impressive jackpot!  Players can also decide not to play the progressive jackpot.  This jackpot is a lottery style game where you select 5 numbers between 1 and 49.  Should four of the five numbers you have selected be winning numbers, you will be paid out 1% of the progressive jackpot.

Blowing the whistle on jackpots!

Even though the progressive jackpot is a staggering goal to play towards, the game’s normal jackpot is also quite impressive!  Get five wild symbols on a betting line and win this jackpot!