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Forest Of Wonders

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Follow the white rabbit to great winnings!

Forest Of Wonders will transport players to a land of make belief and wonder in this fun themed game.  It is a 5 reel 25 pay line casino style reel game with fun and amazing winning features. Software giant Playtech has outdone themselves when they created this game with spectacular symbols and animations and combining it with a multitude of winning features to make the game as rewarding as fun!  This game also has the ever popular and unique dollar ball jackpot gaming feature, which is a lottery style game tied to a progressive jackpot.

Graphics to start breathing heavily about!

The animations and graphics of Forest Of Wonders are absolutely out of this world!  The wild symbol of this game is a dormouse.  This dormouse comes to life breathing heavily every time it is included in a winning combination.  The scatter symbol is an elusive white rabbit who rushes off the screen as he is always in a hurry.  The bonus symbol is a toadstool.  Every time a bonus round is activated; the toadstools disappear of the screen and then start growing again!  The other symbols in this game also contain similar amazing animations.  The caterpillar smokes his hookah, the mad hatter’s hat flies off his head and the Cheshire cat leaves behind his broad smile when he disappears from the screen!  The animations will entertain players endlessly during game play.

Playing Forest Of Wonders

The game is slightly complicated yet very easy to understand once the player gets going.  The white rabbit symbol needs to be selected to reveal the number of free spins when the white rabbit symbol appears in the reels.  Otherwise the game is really easy.  The bonus game is rather unique in that the player has to select three of twelve toadstools to reveal the credits hidden there.  Should the player decide a better bonus can be achieved; the player can discard that selection, and select three other toadstools to reveal the credits won by the player.  This can be repeated until the last three toadstools.  This last combination of three toadstools on the Forest Of Wonders bonus game screen will then have to be accepted by the player.

The jackpots of wonders!

There are two impressive options of jackpots to be won in this game.  The first jackpot is a whopping 5 000 coins which will be won when the reels reveal 5 dormice on a winning line.  Then there is the very popular dollar ball jackpot which is a progressive jackpot.  Remember to activate the dollar ball jackpot to stand a chance of winning this progressive jackpot!  There is also a secondary jackpot of 200 coins which can be won, not mentioning all the winning combinations which will also add to the overall winnings.

Get free spins by following the white rabbit!

Revealing the free spins in Forest Of Wonders is as easy as clicking on the white rabbit.  Several free spins games can be reactivated during the free spins game.

This stunning Alice in Wonderland theme slot is another fine offering from Playtech and players will love all the action and adventure they can enjoy when they go down the rabbit hole