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A giant slots adventure

King Kong is one of the classic movies and this video slot Kong from Playtech really does it justice. The game is packed with features just like the movie. This is a 5 reel 20 payline slot from Playtech and the presentation is excellent as are the graphics and effects. Every time you win, you will be rewarded not only with money, but with a cool animation too. There are many bonus features on the game such as the wild jungle re-spin feature, a skull bonus, a city tower bonus and big city and jungle modes.

Bonus features

The first thing you need to know about Kong is that it travels back and forth between the jungle and the city. The first of the bonuses in the jungle re-spin bonus, if you get 3 or more kongs when you are in the jungle mode, you will be awarded 3 free spins with sticky wilds. If you get 3 game logos while you are in this mode, you will go to the skull island bonus. In the skull island bonus you have to match animals for prizes. Once you are in the big city, if you get 3 kongs you will trigger the wild Kong re-spin bonus, in which different symbols alternate as wilds. If you get 3 Kong symbols while you are in the city you will play a game where you control an angry Kong, fighting off planes from the top of a tall building

Coin denomination and betting

The starting denomination is $0.01 and it goes all the way up to $5.00. The maximum bet per line is 10 coins and the maximum fixed win during a normal game is 4000 coins. This game really does offer some amazing bonuses and is really worth playing.

Graphics and sound

Along with the amazing bonuses, another great feature on this video slot has to be the graphics. The graphics are among the best that Playtech have come up with, and they have come up some pretty good graphics! It is really a pleasure to look at, and you can see the amount of work that went into creating this video slot. The symbols are very well done and true to the movie. So true to the movie in fact that it is almost like an interactive movie experience. The animations are also amazing to see, especially during the many bonus rounds. The sound and music are also true to the movie which is always great.

Who should play the game?

Everyone should really play this game at least once in their life just to experience what a great game should look like. The game has wide appeal because it is a classic movie and it also has a wide range of coin denominations, which will appeal both to the high rollers and the beginners. Newcomers can also download the game for free, which is a great way of practicing and developing game strategies for when you do play for real money. So get into the classic story and win big money with Kong today!