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A magical slots experience

Playtech’s Magic Slots is a very popular online slot with 3 reels and 1 payline. The game features an impressive progressive jackpot, as well as an entertaining and rewarding bonus game. Its graphics are of a very high quality, and the game’s theme is unique and centered around a magician’s toolkit. However mystical the theme may be, you can be sure that the winnings and high quality gameplay are anything but an illusion!

Great for all budgets

Magic Slots presents its players with a wide range of coin values, making the game a great choice for more casual players on a budget, while still appealing to higher rollers who are wishing to raise the stakes and increase their winnings. The maximum amount of coins that can be bet in the game is 3, and this maximum bet will definitely pay off should you hit the jackpot of 2 000 coins!

The slight-of-hand theme and the magic winnings

As the name suggests, Magic Slots is themed around the world of magic! The theme is carried through the game via several vivid symbols. Dice, magic rings and the classic black hat are all present in this illusionist’s arsenal. The game’s highest fixed jackpot will be yours if you land 3 black hats on the payline. The second highest payout comes from landing three of the magical golden rings in row on the payline, and this jackpot clocks in at an impressive 1000 coins.

The huge progressive jackpot

Magic Slots features a progressive jackpot that will grow as you play, always increasing in size and reminding you that a truly magical win is always right around the corner in this fun and thrilling game. What adds to the excitement is that this jackpot is randomly won. However, it can only be won if you are playing with the maximum bet of three coins, so in Magic Slots it does pay to play high. However, this does not mean that you have to break the bank to win this progressive jackpot. Remember that coin values vary widely, and so you can adjust your coin size to enable you to bet the maximum 3 coins without stepping outside of your budget limits.

An exciting magician’s bonus game!

Aside from all its other features, Magic Slots also offers a fun bonus game that has the potential to be very rewarding! This exciting bonus game is triggered when you land 3 magic wand symbols on the payline. When you are redirected to the bonus game, you will be faced with a choice of hats. You simply have to select whichever hat you feel contains the biggest prize. If you choose widely, a sizeable magic reward could be yours! As with the progressive jackpot, the bonus game in Magic Slots is also only accessible to players who have placed a maximum bet of 3 coins. After taking part in the bonus game, you will be redirected back to the classic slots action for more illusionist fun and winnings!