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Neptune's Kingdom

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Join Neptune in his Kingdom and win!

Neptune’s Kingdom is a 3 reel, 5 payline online slot developed by Playtech. This game is a great example of a classic slot, and will appeal to players who prefer a more classic slot. The gameplay is exciting and engaging, while still being easy to interpret thanks to the exceptional interface design.

The game is highly entertaining and offers its players several ways to win. The coin value range in Neptune’s Kingdom is very wide, and so will appeal to higher and lower rollers alike. This is a non-progressive slot game, but it does offer numerous jackpots to players, so it can be a very lucrative game!

The undersea kingdom theme

Each aspect of this game has been expertly designed, and this is evident from the game’s background to its bright and vivid icons that carry the theme across consistently. Themed around the Greek God of the Sea, Neptune, the game is set underwater, and the aquatic theme is both relaxing and vivid.

The trappings of the lavish oceanic kingdom are present, with plush curtains and elaborate wallpapers combining with the under water theme to present you with a feeling of an ocean kingdom. The symbols in Neptune’s Kingdom are highly thematic, and include items such as a treasure chest, beautiful mermaids, mighty tridents and oceanic creatures like bright red lobsters, shining tuna and a wide variety of colourful ocean fish.

A slot for people who love the classics

Neptune’s Kingdom is a true classic slot, even though its design, gameplay and customer support aspects are obviously cutting edge. The game pays homage to the iconic one-armed bandit style of slot machine, and when you click the spin button, the lever will be lowered, giving you the feeling that you are playing a classic lever slot machine.

This entertaining slot keeps its focus clearly centred on the slots action, and does not incorporate overly fanciful features like Wild or Scatter symbols, which are often confusing to players, and detract from the slots action. This simple gameplay makes Neptune’s Kingdom appealing to new players, who want to get used to online slots without being intimidated by multiple rules and special symbols. Furthermore, this lack of gimmicks and surprises also appeals to a great deal of experienced players, who have tired of multiple features and who just want to enjoy a great, uncomplicated slots game. However, the fact that this game features 5 paylines instead of the usual 1 payline structure that pervades most classic slot machine games brings in an aspect of the modern, offering many more ways to win!

The omission of elements such as Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols and Bonus Games does not mean that players should not expect big wins from Neptune’s Kingdom! The game might be simplistic, but it still offers its players very handsome rewards as they enjoy classic slots action. Furthermore, the lack of such elements does not make this an outdated game, as the design and gameplay are up to the usual high standards of Playtech.