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Ocean Princess

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Enjoy Multi-spin fun with Ocean Princess!

Ocean Princess is an incredibly entertaining online slots experience, developed by leading online casino software developer, Playtech. The game has a great theme and stunning visuals and sounds, as well as the unique Multi-spins feature that makes this game stand out amongst its peers.

There are three reels that you can choose to spin in the game, and at any time you can select to hold the symbols on one reel while you make further spins. If you freeze the right reels, you could be looking at a few great winning combinations! This Multi-spin feature adds a new dimension to the slots action, and incorporates a common Video Poker feature into the game, combining the best of both worlds!

The sea siren theme

Ocean Princess is based on mermaids, the mythical sirens of the high seas. The game’s graphics are presented in extremely vivid colours, making this game a rich visual experience. The graphics are expertly designed and clear, as players have come to expect from Playtech. Bright red, gold and green sea stars, green and gold crabs, red, gold and green seahorses and a cute sea turtle are some of the oceanic creatures that you can expect to see amongst the symbols. Green, gold and red anchors are also present, and carry out the maritime theme.

In Ocean Princess, the Wild Symbol is represented by the Crown symbol, which has Wild written across it. This is a very special symbol, as it will substitute for all others, possibly giving you the extra symbol you need to complete a winning combination. This symbol also offers the game’s biggest jackpot of an impressive 1 000 coins, which can be won by lining up 3 of these Wild Symbols. The game’s second highest win can be yours if you are lucky enough to line up 3 red starfish symbols, clocking in at 125 coins. The value of these wins depends on the coin size you have been playing with, as well of the amount of coins that you have bet on your winning spin.

Play for free or for real money with two modes to choose from!

Ocean Princess offers its players the choice of two player modes, namely Real Money Mode and Guest Mode. In Guest Mode, you will be able to play the game for free, never having to bet any real money. The gameplay is simulated, so all wins obtained in this mode will have no cash value. This mode is of exactly the same quality as the Real Money Mode game, so it is a great way for players to experience and evaluate the game before they pledge their money in Real Money Mode. Furthermore, Guest Mode is an excellent way for players to relax and enjoy slots action without involving any risk at all. Yet another benefit of the Ocean Princess Guest Mode is that beginners new to online slots can get a feel for the game before they choose to place a real bet in the un-simulated version of the game.