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Join inspector Closeau to solve the jackpot mystery!

Pink Panther is an excellent online slot developed by Playtech, an online casino software developer that has a firm reputation as a provider of high quality online slots games. The game will certainly appeal to all fans of the original cartoon and comedy series, which has developed a cult following ever since its origins in the early 1960’s.

The game features everything you would expect, like the key characters and the classic theme song, as well as appropriate sound effects and graphics to immerse players into the game’s fun theme. This 5 reel slot has 40 paylines, which makes it a great choice for players who like slot games with lots of action happening at once.

A huge variety of bonus games

Pink Panther offers an incredible amount of bonus games. With 5 bonus games, this is definitely one of the most dynamic slots in the online sphere. Each game is activated at random, and has its own unique features.

These bonus games are called Pink Pow, Crack the Pink, Color Pink, Wheel of Pink and Pink Trail. In the first, Pink Pow, the Pink Panther character will convert between 2 and 6 of the game’s symbols into Wild Symbols, to increase your chances of landing a winning combination.

The second game, Crack the Pink, will let you choose from 10 steel safe boxes. Each box you open will contain either free spins, multipliers or extra Wild Symbols. You will continue winning, unless you open the safe containing a stick of dynamite!

The Color Pink bonus game can be played up to 3 times, and sees the Pink Panther himself painting blue and pink numbers on a wall. The pink numbers will be added up, and your prize will be equal to the sum of these numbers.

Wheel of Pink sees 2 wheels spinning, with one indicating a prize you have one, and the other offering you to claim this prize, or indicating whether you could spin again in the hopes of claiming a bigger prize.

In Pink Trail, Inspector Closeau follows pink footsteps. Each footstep will reveal a prize, and you can choose whether to follow all 4, or claim your prize before continuing.

Two progressive jackpots

Pink Panther offers players 2 amazing progressive jackpots. To clinch either of these jackpots, you will be led to a different game via a trigger feature. To win the first of these jackpots, you will be asked to select from 12 doors, which open to reveal various characters. Should your door choices reveal 5 of the pink panthers, you win the Major Pink Jackpot. To win the second jackpot, your doors will have to reveal 4 Inspector Closeau characters.

Aside from these progressive jackpots, Pink Panther offers several smaller wins, which can be very frequent, as this is a low variance slot game. Because it offers so many bonus games and different modes, this is a great choice for players who like variety and dynamism in their online slots experience.