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A game waiting to be cracked open!

Industry legend Playtech presents yet another incredible game for its slots suite! Safecracker really lives up to its manufacturer’s esteemed reputation, delivering the phenomenal graphics, features and rewards that have made their name! This 3-reel, classic slot with many modern innovations is sure to appeal to every player!

A winning combination!

Safecracker brings the best of classic 3-reel slots action together with fantastic modern developments. Instead of the old-fashioned layout that most 3-reelers feature, the reels are placed within a hi-tech digital safe that players are actually trying to crack as they spin the reels! The reels themselves are surrounded by buttons and wires, taking the theme of a complex top-security safe even further.

The theme of skilled bounty hunting is carried even further with the eye-catching, well-rendered icons on the reels, an appealing mix of safecracking gear and swag! Drills, money, keys, keyholes, dynamite and crowbars are all featured. Even the paytable is cleverly designed to look like a blueprint of the slot machine, and the sound of the reels turning evokes the sound of turning the gears within a safe. Everything works together to completely immerse players in the thrilling world of a Safecracker, enhancing the entire playing experience!

Simple takings for everyone!

Whatever bounty players are looking to grab, they can choose a coin size that suits them, with a range that goes from 0.25 to 5 Dollars, Pounds or Euros. Players can also choose to bet 1, 2 or 3 coins to win a maximum prize (other than the Jackpot) of 5,000 coins. The only icon that pays for a single icon in any position on the payline, proving money really does talk!

Criminally good features!

The most thrilling reward from Safecracker is the fantastic Progressive Bonus, which is constantly accumulating and displays the current amount at the top of the slot to tantalise players even more! Each denomination (0.25. 0.50. 1.00 and 5.00) has its own Jackpot, and can only be won if the maximum of 3 coins are bet. The Jackpot is triggered when 3 exciting Money Stack Symbols line up along the payline, and players are sure to see nothing but Dollar Signs!

The game’s Scatter Symbol is a golden Key, which unlocks the Bonus Feature Game when 3 appear along the payline and the maximum 3 coins have been bet.

The interactive Bonus Game really delivers the sophisticated game play that today’s intelligent users deserve! Players become virtual safecrackers, as the safe doors swing open to reveal 10 safety deposit boxes. They choose which to open, and then uncover bonus winnings inside them or trip the vault alarm which returns them to the main game. Only 3 of the boxes sets off the alarms, so players stand a good chance of stealing some of these wins!

Much easier than breaking into a real bank!

The incredible prizes and interactive features of Safecracker make it an honest winner amongst slots games! The fantastic entertainment will appeal to all armchair bank robbers who appreciate handsome windfalls!