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Enjoy a roller coaster ride with Thrill seekers and win!

Thrill seekers is one of those unique games that truly offers players something different. Apart from the game’s theme overflowing with bright colours, colourful characters and sweet treats, the game also has many winning combinations under its five reels. Players can travel to a virtual theme park, with the theme park background already setting the stage for a fun time. The payline numbers on the sides of the reels go from pink, then blue, then yellow. It’s as if every colour in the world was put into this slot game, but in a professional and aesthetically pleasing way.

Symbols like the ice cream, cold drinks, candy sticks, skull cave ride, roller coasters and popcorn all point to an amusement park and further immerse players into this crazily fun world of Thrill seekers. From top to bottom, the game is all about the theme and even the buttons on the bottom of the screen are adorned with bright colours. Not only can you sit for hours in amazement looking at the visuals and hearing the inviting music, but you can also spend hours winning on this popular game from Playtech.

Make this fun time a rewarding one

This slot game has five reels and 50 paylines, which makes for many chances of winning.  Apart from the many paylines, there’s also a Dollar Ball progressive jackpot and two fun bonus features. The wild in the symbol is the Joker symbol and if you get five on these in consecutive order across the reels then you will be rewarded with the large in-game jackpot of 10 000 coins.

The ticket symbol is Thrill seekers’ scatter symbol and it can land anywhere on the reels to offer a scatter win. Try getting three or more of these scatters to get big payouts. If you get three or more of these scatters then you will also activate the fun free spins bonus round. Players are awarded with 10 free spins and a multiplier of two. To make your time even more rewarding, this free spins feature can be reactivated over and over again. If a player gets three or more of the hammer symbols on the reels then he or she will activate the bonus game on Thrill seekers. A second screen then opens up and players will have to swing the hammer to get the light moving upwards. The bonus amount received after the hammer has been swung depends entirely on how many bonus symbols you got on the reels before you entered the round.

Play the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot now!

To get involved in the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot you’ll have to wager an amount that is separate from your normal game play wagers. To enter into this jackpot you need to click the button on the right hand side of the screen. You then pick five of your favourite numbers and see if they are picked during game play. The jackpots numbers are shown at random times during game play and if your number matches them, then you take home Thrill seekers’ grand prize.

Playtech has once again created a game that’s packed full of winning opportunities and thrilling gaming action and new and experienced players will love this exciting slot!