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Start Winning big with Tres Amigos

This is a classic online slots game, in the Vegas-style.  It is a Mexican take on the traditional fruit machine, with incredible graphics from Playtech and very accurate sound effects for players to enjoy.

Because the game is so uncomplicated, it is a great way for players new to the world of online casino slots to learn the ins and outs of the process, and more experienced players will enjoy it for the same reason!

How to Play Tres Amigos

There is a single payline, and three reels for the player to make the winning combinations on.  Neither wilds nor scatter symbols are employed, but the game does not suffer because of this. Play is entertaining, and the simplicity of Tres Amigos makes for a welcome change from the more complex games available nowadays.

There is a big variety in coin size, from 0.05 to 5, which will please players on any end of the betting spectrum, whether they are high rollers or more conservative betters.  The size of the coin can be adjusted by the plus and minus signs which you will find at the bottom left-hand side of the screen.  Beware of making bets too small however, as the amount you stand to win is directly proportionate to the amount you put into the machine.

Select either the Bet One or the Bet Max options, and keep in mind that the maximum bet is just two coins, not the usual three, so this option is not as much of a risk as it can sometimes be! Doubling your bet will do the same to your win, and the 2 500 maximum payout could be yours!  Should you decide on the Bet Max option, you won’t have to set the reels spinning either, as the autoplay feature will be set in motion and the reels will move without any interaction from you at all!

Simple, Straightforward Play with Tres Amigos

Players will be able to see the paytable displayed across the playing screen, right above the reels, and your total wager for each spin will be inside a box on the left-hand side of the reels.  Your winnings will be viewable on the right-hand side.

All the win combos will be shown on the paytable, as well as information on what the win for each would be, determined by whether or not you have decided on betting either one or two coins.  Clicking on the left- or right-hand columns will also allow you to bet one or two of your coins correspondingly.

Symbols for Tres Amigos

You will be playing with Guitars, Maracas, Cacti, Three Mexican Amigos, Margaritas, Red Chilli Peppers and Tacos. Should you have selected the maximum bet and then wound up with three of the Mexican Amigo symbols you will be walking away with the highest available jackpot of 2 500! Three Tacos on a maximum bet will get you 1 000, and, on a maximum bet, you only need two of the Red Chilli Peppers to get 10 coins, and even if you just get one you will still walk away with 4 coins!

Tres Amigos is an uncomplicated online slots game that will remind you why you got into this exciting world of online casino gaming, or offer you a wonderful introduction to it.  Set up your bet and spin the reels and go for the big win!  It is simple, easy to understand, and wonderfully executed.