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Triple Profits

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Start Winning with Triple Profits!

This game is all about the number three, with three reels from which to make your winning combinations and thereby hopefully triple both your pleasure in playing and the profit you see!  Wilds are available, as well as a great Bonus game, and prizes as high as 25 000 could be yours today!

The reels are beautifully green and gold, bringing players into the winning mentality by adopting the colours of money!  Three reels combine with three paylines, rather than just one, and this makes a welcome change for players who enjoy three-reel games but prefer more paylines for their time and money.

Symbols for Triple Profits

As the colour for the reels suggest, the theme for Triple Profits is money in all its many forms and include Gold Bars, Calculators, Scales, Blue Cash Bags, Red Cash Bags, Green Cash Bags, Blue Dollar Symbols, Red Dollar Symbols, Green Dollar Symbols and Safes.  The Gold Bar is the wild for the game and can stand in for any other icon in the game and will make up whatever combination you need in order to make the win.  The Gold Bars are also the key to accessing the Bonus game, get three and off you go.

Bonus Game in Triple Profits

Three Gold Bars will reveal nine Money Bags and the player is invited to select three of these, which will then reveal the total bonus amount received.

Betting Options in Triple Profits

There are three lines available to players, and up to five coins can be bet on each one.  There is wide range of coin sizes, ranging from 0.01 to 5, a great feature that provides for both conservative betters and those who prefer to make larger bets when they play.  The maximum bet players are able to make per line is thus 15 which is neither too high for players who prefer to make more conservative bets, nor too low for those who prefer to up the ante.

Features for Triple Profits Slots

There are free double spins available in this game, which is an excellent feature that really keeps players coming back for more.  These are triggered when players have spun the reels and the Hold button lights up, at which point the reels will be set into motion once more with no additional cost to the player.

There is also a distinctive feature in which you are able to halt one reel and spin the other two if doing so can help you get your winning combination.  This tactic could net you the top jackpot of 1000 coins! This great prize is awarded when three of the Gold Bar icons appear on one of your enabled paylines, but you can get 2 coins even if you only manage to net just one!


There aren’t a huge amount of online casino slots games out there that will give you two spins at the cost of just one, and there certainly is money to be won here.  The simplicity of the game, along with the unique features it boasts, will appeal to players of any level of experience and there is a tidy profit to be made.