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Tropic Reels

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Let the tiger bring you fortune in the reels!

Tropic Reels is a 3 reel 5 pay line casino style game brought to you by the ever popular Playtech casino and betting software creators.  This is another fresh and fun themed game as the world has come to expect from these software giant!  It is also an easy game to play as it has only a wild symbol and the normal range of symbols to deal with.  This game has a multi spin feature which makes winning so much easier by allowing players to select reels to hold while the other reels keep on spinning towards winning combinations!

A jungle of graphics!

The animations and graphics found on the reels of this game are as impressive as the characters on the symbols of the reels!  Tropic Reels features exotic and beautiful fauna and flora as can only be found in the tropics with its mysterious animals and plants due to high rainfall and high temperatures.  Boldly coloured flowers, parrots and frogs, tropical fruits and a scary tiger make up the characters of the symbols of the reels which are set on a backdrop depicting frightening Aztec statues, deep rivers, a waterfall and luscious plant and animal life.

Exploring the tropical reels of wonder

Game play is excessively easy!  There is only a wild symbol which is the tiger with the word wild written on the symbol.  Three of these wild symbols will win you the Tropic Reels jackpot of 2 500 coins!  The wild symbol will also replace any other symbol on the reels to make up a winning combination.  This game has been designed to give multiple winning combinations, meaning that the player doesn’t necessarily need to get three of a symbol combination to win.  There are other winning combinations combining various symbols, for instance any three birds, any three fruit, any three flower combinations will also win the player some coins.  Additionally, any one or two tiger of pineapple symbols will also make up a winning combination.

Unique multi spin feature

The multi spin feature on Tropic Reels is quite an amazing feature as the player can select and hold a reel in order for the player to take advantage of a combination or desired symbol they would like to appear at exactly the same place as the current spin on the next spin.  Several reels can be held at the same time.  This means that the selected reel or reels will not spin during the next round when the other reels are spinning away, ensuring the player has even more chances of completing a winning line or even winning the jackpot!

Lots of players appreciate this feature as it is rather frustrating to try and line up symbols which seems elusive and stubborn landing in the order players would like them to land in.  Tropic Reels will please players from beginner lever to expert level due to the fresh theme, easy game play and the highly desired multi spin feature adds to the slots appeal!