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Ugga Bugga

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Trek into the tribal jungle and win with Ugga Bugga Slots!

Playtech, one of the most innovative and creative software developers in the world, produces online games that surpass industry standards and Ugga Bugga is one such game! This video slot game, with its jungle background, tribal music and bright colours, transports players immediately into the world of tribes and jungles. This overall theme is complimented by jungle-like symbols on the reels including drums, tribal huts, coconuts and other tribal cuisine and native masks.

Adding to the fun factor, the brownish reels are bordered by branches and ferns peak out at the bottom of the screen.  The buttons are rock like signs as well increasing the entertainment factor.  Not only is this slot visually appealing, but it’s also rewarding with a wild up for grabs, and a large jackpot. Try one of Playtech’s top quality online games now and enjoy Ugga Bugga slot.

Many opportunities to win with this multi-spin slot

Many symbol combinations can be found on the five reels, with 10 paylines all waiting to boost players’ cash flow. What makes this slot unique is that it is a multi-spin machine. This means that players can pick what reels they want to hold or those they want to spin again. In the game you have three, five and 10 reel rows – making for intense game play.

During game play, the first reel will start to spin and then when it stops, the player can hold a winning combination on the first, second or third reels. All the reels that are holding will keep the same symbol whilst the rest are spun – giving players a greater chance of winning big on Ugga Bugga. Basically, each reel spins independently, with 10 paylines being linked to each one. This means it’s not only one spin, but players enjoy numerous spins and games simultaneously.

Multiple winning opportunities

There are many opportunities to win, with the payouts divided into two sides – the smaller winnings and the larger cash rewards – but here every payout is a great one! Although less value symbols, like the Warrior symbol and the Food symbol, still create winning combinations.  The masks icons and drum symbols offer payouts, so try get three or more of each of these symbols on the reels. The trick is to get high symbols consecutively on the reels – you’re looking for groupings.

When you get the Ugga Bugga symbol on the reels, the game’s logo, your payout will be multiplied by 10.  Get three or more hat symbols and you might just be in line for the awesome jackpot. The aborigine symbols also will increase your payouts so get them in groups on the reels!

In conclusion, this fun video slot has it all – clear, sharp graphics combined with innovative gaming features and large payouts.

A Playtech favourite

Ugga Bugga is definitely your go-to slot spot and has remained a popular choice among the gaming community, providing hours of fun for slot fans. Make this multi-spin slot your premium destination for online slotting fun today!