Enjoy top slots entertainment online!

Since San Francisco native Charles Fey created the Liberty Bell, the world’s first mechanised slot machine in the late 1880’s players around the globe have been enthralled by this type of spinning reel entertainment. Now the worlds most played casino game, slots continue to captivate an international audience and their popularity continues to rise.

The bright, vibrant colours, superb animations, stellar sound tracks and rewarding, regular payouts make slots games so appealing, and the fact that they can be enjoyed by a beginner or an experienced player means that just about anyone can have fun right from the first spin. Simple to play and easy to understand, slots games require no skill or strategy and players can hit the jackpot with ease ,walking away a winner without having spent hours mastering the art of a game.

The premise of a slots game is simple; players need to line up a winning combination across the reels for which they will then receive a payout. There are of course multiple ways that these combinations can line up and formats such as Ways to Win mean that players don’t necessarily have to create a perfect row across the middle of the screen. Over the years many different online casino software developers have created new versions of slots and there are now 4 distinctive genres of game that are available online.

Classic 3 and 5 reel slots

These games are ideal for the beginner or the player that likes traditional, old school entertainment. Based on the original slots games, these classic games have a single payline that runs across the middle of the game, triggering a win when a player lines up matching symbols. The games consist of either 3 or 5 reels that spin and simple bonus games are often added to heighten the entertainment factor.

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Another classic favourite, fruities are based on the traditional slots games that featured fruit symbols adorning the reels. These slots earned moniker of “fruit machines” and lining up a matching row of fruit symbols would trigger a win. The more modern games still feature fruit but the animations and graphics are far more advanced than the early games, and bonus rounds can be extremely entertaining and rewarding.

Video slots

These slots are the Rolls Royce of the game and feature incredible graphic-rich reels, immersive storylines, tiered bonus games and interactive themes. The games also feature variable betting and in many cases players can choose how many enabled paylines they wish to activate and how many lines they wish to bet on. Video slots also feature symbols that boost a players winning potential and Wilds and Scatters are commonly found in these games. The bonus games also offer a multitude of rewards and players can win free spins with multipliers, cash rewards and more. Video slots are generally the most popular with players, and many games feature characters from movies or themes that are instantly recognisable.

Progressive jackpot slots

Progressive jackpot slots are the biggest paying out slots games online. These slots games are networked together across casinos and every time a player places a real money wager, a percentage of their bet is added to the jackpot. These games are famous for making players millionaires in a single spin and are usually a video slots game with a progressive jackpot feature.

No matter what your favourite slots entertainment is, you’re sure to find a game online that will thrill, entertain and excite you on every spin!